New autotesters mailing list

As part of trying to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are setting up a new email list for autotest announcements.

If you were on Robert’s list of autotesters you should soon be receiving an invitation email to subscribe to the new Autotesters list.

Please read the invitation email and follow the instructions to subscribe to the new mailing list if you wish to be kept informed of autotests.

Web-site migrated

The NHMC web-site has been migrated to a new platform.

I think everything is in place, but if you spot anything that is not working please email

Proposal for communication via text

The committee have been looking at ways of improving communications to club members and we would like to see if there would be any interest in setting up a Text messaging service to members.
If you are interested in such a service please send your name and current mobile number to the membership secretary, Dennis Robinson.

Migrating the NHMC web-site

Our long-serving webmaster, Alan Gilbert, announced some time ago that he’d like to retire from the webmaster’s job (he’s been doing it for around 20 years). Hence this migration of the NHMC web-site to a new platform.