Autotest 2018 January

The New Year Autotest 2018 – Sponsored by

The New Year 2018 Autotest, kindly sponsored by Ken Sturdy, took place at Readers Yard, Brandesburton, on 7th January. The event was organised by Robert Newlove assisted by Gail Newlove (results),Graham Tabor (Scrutineering), Dave Cogan (Steward), Mike Kitching, Dave Short, John Milner, Howard Everingham, Carl and Kirsty Thompson.

The eventual winner from 14 entries was Ashley Slights (pictured, click thumbnail to enlarge).

Results for 7th January 2018
(for full results click here)

1 Ashley Slights 652.5
2 Joe Sturdy 665.3
3 Ken Sturdy 698.5
4 Stephen Short 718.3
5 Robert Short 736.1
6 Alastair Brown 780.9
7 Chris Newlove 795.9
8 Philip Sutton 797.4
9 Louis Sutton 843.6
10 Oliver Smith 854.4
11 Alan Williamson 990.7
12 Henry Clark 1035.2
13= Jasmine Williamson Rtd
13= Toby Williamson Rtd



F.T.D. – Ashley Slights

1st in Class – Joe Sturdy/Alan Williamson
2nd in Class – Ken Sturdy
3rd in Class – Stephen Short

A gallery of sample images of entrants is below.

There are more on our facebook Page.

These are low resolution – please contact us if you would like a higher resolution copy for printing.