Autotest 2020 January

The New Year Autotest 2020 – Sponsored by

The New Year 2020 Autotest, kindly sponsored by IT@SPECTRUM, took place on Sunday 5th January 2020 at Reader’s Transport, Brandesburton, YO25 8RY. Thanks to Dave, Graham, John, Howard and Martin for marshalling, etc. Special thanks to Kirsty for sorting out the results.

The winner from 7 entries was Ken Sturdy.

Results for January 2020 Autotest (for full results click here)

1 Ken Sturdy 733.8
2 Ash Slights 735.5
3 Robert Short 760.8
4 Stephen Short 784.4
5 Chris Newlove 872.9
6 Dave Short 874.9
7 Joel Conlan 1040.0

F.T.D. – Ken Sturdy
1st in Class – Ash Slights
2nd in Class: Robert Short

Click here to download the event Regulations.

Ken Sturdy at NHMC’s New Year 2020 Autotest