2018 Calendar of Events

7 January NHMC New Year Autotest, Readers Yard, Brandesburton
11 February The OnePoint Autotest, Readers Yard, Brandesburton
18 March Maple Garage Autotest, Sproatley (Cancelled)
1 April NHMC Warcop Stages Rally, Warcop Training Area, Cumbria
8 April Trackrod Lookout Stages Rally, Melbourne
29 April Maple Garage Autotest, Sproatley (rearranged date)
13 May NHMC John Overend Stages Rally (Cancelled)
15 July NHMC Caves Classic Run
19 August NHMC SOD Classic Run
8-9 September Bridlington Weekend of Motoring
28-29 Sept Trackrod Rally Yorkshire
17 November NHMC Cadwell Junior Rally, Cadwell Circuit, Louth
18 November NHMC Cadwell Stages Rally, Cadwell Circuit, Louth
25 November NHMC Autotest

Gavin has produced a yearly events calendar – please click here to view the 2018 edition