Riponian Rally – Cropton Stage – 9 February 2020

From John Newlove:

With the Riponian now only a month away I am reminding people that we are running Cropton stage twice on this event on the Sunday 9th February.

Looking at the provisional Time Schedule the first car on the first run which is SS 2 will be about 10.20 with a stage ready time of 9.20. so would expect provisional signing on time of 08:00  till 08:45. (This will have to be confirmed) The first car on the 2nd run which will be SS 4 will be around 13.15

Thanks very much for all those who have volunteered to help already if this is you.

Full reporting instructions will be sent out nearer the event.

John Newlove
Stage Commander Cropton

New Year Autotest – 5 January 2020

From Robert Newlove:

Regulations  for the it@Spectrum New Year Autotest are available. Thanks to Ken for sponsoring the event.

Two Things to Note

Motorsport UK have put an additional £5.0 onto the per capita fee, so now we pay £11.50 to the Motorsport UK for each entry. As a result we have increased the entry fee to £15 from £12, the club will subsidise the rest.


Anyone entering an Autotest will need a competition Licence, the minimum is the Clubman RS licence which is free. You can apply on line for this, or by post, I will have some forms available on the day. If you hold another licence already such as a rally Licence, you will have to renew it before the 5th January.

I will also need some marshals, so let me know if you can help.

Alan Healy Memorial Rally – 2 February 2020

From our Chief Marshal:

I  have been asked if we can help marshal on the Border Motor Club event at Cadwell on the 2nd February. This is quite a lot earlier in the year than on previous events. Border are great supporters of our Cadwell event so would like to help.

This means February is a busy month as we are running Cropton on the Riponian on the 9th.

If you can help please let me know.



Riponian Rally – 9 February 2020 – Cropton stage

From John Newlove:

We have been asked to run a 9 mile stage in Cropton twice on the 2020 Riponian on the 9th February.

Please let me know if you can help.

And more (an email from John to those who marshalled on the Cropton stage on the Riponian in 2019)

I am sending this email to everyone who helped marshal the Cropton Stage on last year’s Riponian Rally who I have not been in contact with.

Apologies if you get this request more than once

Well we are doing it again in 2020 on Sunday 9th February. I know it sounds a long way off but it has a habit of creeping up on us.

The stage is running twice but in the reverse direction to last year.

No details re times etc yet

I would be very grateful for everyone’s help in 2020