John Overend Memorial Stages Rally and Melbourne Junior Rally

John Overend Memorial Stages Rally and Melbourne Junior Rally 2020

The 2020 John Overend Memorial Stages Rally (the 23rd running of the event under this title) and the 4th Melbourne Junior Rally was to take place on 24th May 2020 at Melbourne Airfield, East Yorkshire – however, in view of the coronavirus emergency, Motorsport UK have (on 24th March) suspended all organising permits until 30th June. Therefore these two events will not be running on 24th May.

The John Overend Memorial Stages Rally is named after an active and popular NHMC member who tragically died whilst setting up a rally stage in 1994.

John Overend Memorial Stages Rally and Melbourne Junior Rally 2019

The 2019 John Overend Memorial Stages Rally (the 22nd running of the event under this title) and the 3rd Melbourne Junior Rally took place on 12th May 2019 at Melbourne Airfield, East Yorkshire.

The 2019 John Overend Memorial Stages Rally was a round of

  • the Roadrunner Phoenix Awards ANEMMC Stage Rally Championship,
  • the Wemix Concrete Ltd EMAMC Stage Rally Championship 2019,
  • the ANWCC Stage Rally Championship 2019,
  • the Yokohama Tyres Senior F1000 Championship 2019, and
  • the Melbourne Rally Challenge 2019.

The 2019 Melbourne Junior Rally was a round of the Junior 1000 Rally Championship.

Significant work (over £70,000’s worth) took place on Melbourne Airfield immediately before the 2019 Lookout Stages to improve the venue.

The landowner has now stipulated that only tarmac tyres may be used on the venue.

Regulations are  available (click here).

Entries open at 21:00 on Wednesday 3rd April.

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Seeded entry list for both rallies

Safety videos:

 Notice Board

Live Results

A short video clip of the event from MAD Video

The 2018 event scheduled for Sunday 13th May has had to be cancelled – please see press release below:

Joint Press Release 12th March 2018

Trackrod Motor Club – Lookout Stages

North Humberside Motor Club – John Overend Memorial Stage Rally

Lindholme & Slaithwaite Motor Clubs – Vale of York Stage Rally

There is presently extensive work being undertaken at the Melbourne Airfield site which is taking longer than anticipated and unfortunately is still ongoing. Following lengthy discussions with the landowner, all four motor clubs involved in organising the three Stage Rally events held at Melbourne have made a joint decision not to run any of these events during 2018 but instead to invest their time and efforts into carrying out further venue improvements during the course of the year.

Considerable investment in terms of finances and time is being put into the venue by both the landowner and the motor clubs to safeguard the venue for future rally use and to offer significantly better and smoother surfaces to rally on. We would also acknowledge the assistance of the MSA, both for past and hopefully future funding for venue improvements.

We are planning to re-launch all the events in 2019 with the Lookout Stages provisionally pencilled in for early April.

We regret the necessity to cancel this year’s Lookout, John Overend Memorial and Vale of York events particularly so close to the first event but fully intend to return to offer enhanced events in 2019. All entry fees received for this year’s Lookout Stages Rally will be fully refunded.

The Melbourne User Group

For further details or to offer development assistance please contact Andy Turnbull, Trackrod Motor Club.


The 2017 John Overend Memorial Stages Rally & The Melbourne Junior Rally was held on Sunday 14th May at Melbourne Airfield, near York.

This was the 21st year of running this event, named after an active and popular NHMC member who tragically died whilst setting up a rally stage in 1994.

The events embraced the following championships:

  • ANEMMC Roadrunner Phoenix Awards Stage Rally Championship (supported by Slicks Tyres)
  • The Alexander Calder Financial EMAMC Stage Rally Championship (supported by Slicks Tyres),
  • The CHONKA MOT ANCC Stage Rally Championship, incorporating the Legend Fires Ladies Cup.
  • The ANWCC Stage Rally Championship
  • The Formula 1000 Club Kick Start Junior 1000 Rally Championship
  • The Melbourne Challenge

Decisive winner of the John Overend Memorial Stages Rally was Arron Newby and Andrew Leach in their TegSport/Pirelli Subaru Impreza (Picture courtesy of Phill Andrews). Winning every stage there was a margin of 2:04 after stage 8. Full results can be seen by clicking here.

The Melbourne Junior Rally was won by Ewan Tindall and Paul Hudson in their Citroen C1 pictured to the left (Photograph reproduced courtesy of Phill Andrews). Another dominant performance winning all 8 stages. Full results can be viewed by clicking here.

Thanks to all the competitors for supporting our event, we hope you all had an enjoyable day. Special thanks to the set-up crews for a magnificent job and thanks to all the marshals, results team, and all the other officials who work in the background to make the event happen.


Together with Trackrod Motor Club we are trying to improve the venue by repairing some of the worst potholes (although it is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge – you repair one patch and another pothole appears!).


Some common questions and myths about Melbourne Airfield.

What is the surface like?

  • On every stage you will encounter concrete (some of it dating back to WW2) some very smooth, some that is beginning to crack, some which has degraded substantially and some which you could say has reverted back to gravel.
  • On every stage you will encounter a mixture of tarmac, concrete and earth which depending on the weather becomes very slippery or very dusty.
  • If the weather is bad, there can be a lot of standing water and if its windy there is nothing to slow it down, we have seen horizontal rain on more than one occasion.
  • On every stage you will encounter tarmac, some smooth, some with grass growing through it, and some which is beginning to dislodge from its sub base (concrete).

Some say the venue is rough and a car breaker. Is this true?

  • No, we have to say the venue is bumpy in places but a well-prepared car can do quite well here. 

What tyres do I need?

  • Apart from the obvious black and round type, we would suggest talking to fellow competitors and maybe give Andrew Knott of Hankook, Slicks tyres a ring on 0114 247 0485.     For 2019, only tarmac tyres (defined in SR 7) are allowed.

What facilities are available?

  • Toilets, including facilities for the disabled.
  • There is no running water that is fit for human consumption on the venue.
  • There is no petrol on site and no way to get off the venue when the event starts, except between stages if you retire or in emergencies.
  • A burger van selling the usual hot drinks and snacks will be on the venue.

Can we come and spectate?

  • No. Melbourne Airfield is private property and only bone-fide competitors, service crews and officials are permitted on the venue. Any unauthorised persons (Spectators) caught on the venue will be asked to leave. If you must come and watch, sign-on as a marshal and help us to provide a safer event.

Can my service crew spectate?

  • Yes. The stages are designed to pass the service area providing your crew with a good view of your progress. Service crew and other people within your group are forbidden from wandering across the airfield, as it is private land.

Can I recce the stages before the event?

  • Yes and no. The General Regulations and Supplementary Regulations forbid you to drive any motor vehicle on the stages before the event but providing you have signed-on we do not stop competitors walking or cycling the stages the evening before. It is only 4 miles round and if you can stand the smell of the pigs then off you go. Due to security reasons, all the chicanes are blocked the night before the event, mainly to stop Boy Racers pretending to be rally drivers at 1 a.m. in the morning.

Can I bring my family and pets with me?

  • Yes. Please remember that competitors are responsible for their entire team and if they behave irresponsibly or trespass on the airfield (other that designated areas) they may bring a penalty of exclusion to the crew concerned. Pets such as dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and preferably in a crate during the rally.

Can I camp on the venue?

  • Yes. We welcome competitors camping overnight on the venue providing they behave in a responsible manner. Open fires and fireworks are strictly forbidden at all times and any breach of these rules will result in that crew not being allowed to start and in the case of fireworks may bring the event to a halt as the land owner lives on site.

Can I leave my car on the venue after Scrutineering on Saturday?

  • Yes. The organisers cannot be held responsible for anyone’s property left unattended on the venue but anyone wishing to leave items such as cars and trailers can do so as long as a fellow competitor can keep an eye on them for you. WE would strongly suggest that you don’t leave a rally car outside any guest houses or hotels overnight as we have experience of one going missing from a local travel lodge.