NHMC Rally Championship Rules

North Humberside Motor Club Ltd
Stage Rally Championship Rules 2022

1. Eligibility – The Championship is open to all fully paid up members of North Humberside Motor Club Ltd (NHMC). Any disputes as to when membership commenced will be resolved by the Membership Secretary. Points can only be scored on events undertaken whilst membership is valid.

2 Identification – Where possible you should enter as North Humberside Motor Club (NHMC) on each event so as to maximise exposure of the club name. Any stickers promoting the championship, which may be issued to competitors, should be displayed in a prominent position on both sides of the car.

3 Events – Any special stage rally is eligible for the championship from Interclub to International status. Points may be claimed for an unlimited number of events but only the best six scores will count towards the championship.

4 Scoring – Points are awarded based upon finishing position within class to give an equal chance of winning the championship to competitors in smaller-engined cars. Event winner is considered as first in class, all class positions are then adjusted.

1st in class55 points}plus 1 point for every starter that you have beaten in your class
2nd in class50 points}
3rd in class45 points}
4th in class40 points}
5th in class35 points}
Outside 1-5 in class30 points}
Non-finish10 points

If fewer than 5 starters in class (following amalgamation of classes as 6 below) then classes A to C will be amalgamated with the next higher engine capacity class. Class D will have half points only awarded. Fractions will be rounded down.

5 Classes – Points will be awarded based upon the following engine capacity classes.

AUp to 1400 cc}Engines with forced induction subject to an increase of 1.7. No changes will be made for multi valve/cam or 4WD.
B1401 cc - 1600 cc}
C1601 cc – 2000 cc}
DOver 2000 cc}

6 Individual Event Classes – Where an event runs classes which differ with those of the championship (Group N, Group A, etc.) all the resulting classes will be amalgamated based on engine capacity before points are calculated.

i.e.Typical BTRDA EventsTypical Historic Events
A includesN1 + A5 + B9andB1 + B2 + C1 + D1
B includesN2 + A6 + B10andB3 + C2 + D2
C includesN3 + A7 + B11andB4 + C3 + D3
D includesN4 + A8 + B12 + B13andB5 + C4 + C5 + D4 + D5

7 Multiple Permit Events – Where a club/event runs more than one event over the identical stages on the same day, then providing both/all events cover the same stages, the results will be combined as for the classes above. If however the stages are not identical they will be classed as separate events. This does not include “Trophy Rallys” run as part of a multi-use (single venue) event.

8 Claiming Points – To claim points submit a full set of results showing all starters & finishers for the event(s) to the champion ship co-ordinator within one month of the event. Failure to comply may result in loss of points.

Championship Co-ordinator
Gail Newlove, 10 Orchard Lane, Hutton, Driffield, YO25 5PZ
Tel: 01377 270888
Email: nhmc.secretary@btinternet.com

9 Publication of Championship Scores – Details of the latest scores will be included in the North Humberside Motor Club Ltd (NHMC) magazine from time to time and will also be shown on the website www.northhumbersidemotorclub.co.uk

10 Awards – The following awards will be presented at the North Humberside Motor Club Ltd (NHMC) annual awards dinner at a venue and date to be announced.

1st OverallThelwell Trophy* & Replica + £100 voucher **Parish Trophy* & Replica
2nd OverallStephenson Cup* & Replica + £75 voucher **98/99 Cup* & Replica
3rd OverallAn Award + £50 voucher **An Award

* Trophy remains the property of North Humberside Motor Club Ltd (NHMC) and must be returned by 1st December of the following year (e.g. 2022 award to be returned Dec 2023).

** Vouchers redeemable against any North Humberside Motor Club (NHMC) event and are valid for three years. An expiry date will be shown on the voucher.

Additional awards may be presented at the discretion of the organisers.

Updated 20220402: change Championship Co-ordinator from Gavin Heseltine (RIP) to Gail Newlove; change “National B” to “Interclub”; remove details of 2017 awards dinner.