Dennis Pelling RIP – funeral details and some memories

The funeral for Dennis Pelling will be at 15:30 on 10th January 2019 at Haltemprice Crematorium.

From David Jobling (pictures on David’s facebook page at

It is with great sadness that I heard of the death of a very dear friend Dennis Pelling whom I shared many hours with as his rally co-driver.

I thought that in his memory it would be lovely to share some pictures and news paper articles of his many rallying triumphs.

I have many memories of Dennis’s superb car control but the most spectacular ones that spring to mind are the following:-

Dennis on a number of occasions spun the rally car through 360 degrees at high speed on various rally stages.

After one rally he said to Ben Moore, the owner of the car who had been spectating at the time on Olivers Mount during one of these spins, that this was a good way to slow the car down and set it up for the approaching corner.

On one NHMC Moonraker rally we came over a crest at about 80mph the road was covered in sheet ice. Dennis must have decided on this occasion he would need three 360 degree spins to slow down enough for the next corner. However after two spins the car going sideways was too wide for the narrow road and it slid backwards into a ditch. We were informed at the end of the rally that we had been over 6 minutes in the lead at the time.

R.I.P. Dennis one of life’s true gentleman’s, I hope you find some good rally stages in heaven x