John Overend Memorial Stages Rally/Melbourne Junior Rally – 12 May 2019

From our Chief Marshal:

As you may know a lot of investment has been put in to Melbourne Airfield by the three clubs who run events on the venue.

That is Trackrod Motor Club, North Humberside Motor  Club, and Lindholme Motor Sports Club

This weekend saw the successful running of the 1st event on the venue after completion of the work

The second event in 2019 will be our John Overend Memorial Stages Rally and the Melbourne Junior Rally  on Sunday May 12th

I would be grateful for any offers to marshal in all specialities: Radios, Timekeepers, In-stage Marshals.

We would prefer that the majority of marshals were registered with Motorsport UK , however non registered marshals are still welcome and will be buddied up with other registered marshals


John Newlove,
Chief Marshall,
JOMSR and Melbourne Junior Rally