New Year Autotest – 5 January 2020

From Robert Newlove:

Regulations  for the it@Spectrum New Year Autotest are available. Thanks to Ken for sponsoring the event.

Two Things to Note

Motorsport UK have put an additional £5.0 onto the per capita fee, so now we pay £11.50 to the Motorsport UK for each entry. As a result we have increased the entry fee to £15 from £12, the club will subsidise the rest.


Anyone entering an Autotest will need a competition Licence, the minimum is the Clubman RS licence which is free. You can apply on line for this, or by post, I will have some forms available on the day. If you hold another licence already such as a rally Licence, you will have to renew it before the 5th January.

I will also need some marshals, so let me know if you can help.