The Clubman Motorsport Melbourne Time Trial – 29 August 2020

From: Richard Hart <>
Sent: 30 July 2020 21:47
Subject: The Clubman Motorsport Melbourne Time Trial

Dear Marshal,

I hope you are well in these strange times. I am writing to you to ask for assistance on a new event – the Clubman Motorsport Melbourne Time Trial on Saturday the 29th of August. Promoted by Trackrod Motor Club, the event is planned to cover up to 40 miles in 10 stages at Melbourne Airfield. All stages will be single-lapped and any profits from the event will be invested in the venue for when rallies resume in 2021.

The Time Trial will be dual permit, competitors can choose to have just a driver or a driver and navigator. There will be a maximum of 60 cars and there will be a host of changes to accommodate the Covid-19 requirements. I have attached to this email 2 MSUK documents regarding Covid19 for your information.

We wish to stress that we do not want anyone to be at the venue if they feel unsafe or unwell, but we will do everything we can to make everyone feel as safe as possible. Things will feel different. Most of the administration for the event will be done electronically including signing on – more info to follow.

We recognise many marshals would normally car share, clearly we advise you to follow Covid-19 recommendations in this respect and we will be planning for extra parking for marshals where possible. If you wish to be placed at a remote location with minimal interaction with anyone e.g. no direct access roads to the location and create your own bubble, please let me know, however such locations may be limited.

If you and any members of your team are current registered marshals and have completed the online training, could you please advise me when you reply along with your registered number.

We prefer that all Marshals are accredited and registered. If you are not we would recommend that you complete the online marshal accreditation on the Motorsport UK website, go to This should only take a short while.

Please note all marshals need to have registered prior to the event so that comprehensive records can be kept for all that attend the venue.

If you are able to help, could you please contact me at . I would be most grateful if you could forward this email to anyone else you think might be interested in helping.

Details of the venue and directions can be found at: note, the bridge between Sutton on Derwent & Melbourne is closed so those travelling from the A64 will need to use the A1079 to Pocklington and head to the venue through Allerthorpe

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Best Wishes

Richard Hart
Chief Marshal