Roger Albert Clark Rally – Friday 26 November 2021

From John Newlove:

I think a little far a field for most of us



From: Karen Spencer
Sent: 24 March 2021 15:05
Subject: FW: Roger Albert Clark Rally Friday 26th November 2021

Dear Fellow Rally Marshals

Buccaneer Motor Sports Club have been asked to run Clintburn stage on the R.A.C rally, this turns into Pundershaw stage for the second run with a few alterations, see attached.

We would dearly like to hear from anyone who would care to join us as Timing, instage or radio marshal, there is a link to volunteer on here >

A few marshals will have the opportunity to do SS6 and go straight to Falstone stage, this gets 3 stages in one day, please see the attachment from Dave Brodie for more information above.


Stage Name & Number Estimated sign on time First car due Last car due
Clintburn SS6 06:45 08:44 11:10
Pundershaw SS8 * already in position 12:35 15:01

Whilst you are finding all your rally equipment and emptying the spiders out of your boots, we also have a few other events which require assistance, listed below, please contact us if you are able to help.

Thank you, we look forward to seeing all our rally friends again soon


Stage Commander Deputy Stage Commander Stage Safety Officer
Karen Spencer Jim Maguire Jon Binns
07714 122194 07802 509444 07530 196459


From: “Dave Brodie” 
Date: 21/03/2021, 17:02

Hello there!

I’ve been asked to run the SS10 & 12 Falstone stage of the 2021 Roger Albert Clark Rally on Friday 26th November.

Stage Commander: Dave Brodie
Deputy Stage Commander: Jon Aston

The stage is located on the north side of Kielder Water with entry from Kielder Village and exit over the dam. The stage is a gnat’s whatsit under 12 miles with 26 marshal locations and runs twice with sign on at around 1pm, and we should be finished by around 9pm. With an expected starting entry of 150 cars, it should be an excellent day.

We are looking for marshals of all disciplines – timing, radio, sector and in-stage.

If you have a smartphone, please use the Wizzy Events App to register for this event as that will capture all the details we need and also lists other events you might be interested in.

If you don’t have a smartphone or would rather not use the app, and are able to help, please let me know by emailing on or phoning 07795 253563 (I drive for a living so please leave a message if I don’t answer). Could you also please confirm that you’re either a Registered Marshal (an emailed picture of your 2020 marshal card or accreditation certificate would be great) or have completed the on-line accreditation. There may also be an opportunity to marshal on a third stage in the day as Karen Spencer is commanding the Pundershaw stage in the morning –

Hope to hear from you


Dave & Jon