Phoenix Stages Rally, Fulbeck – 1 August 2021

From John Newlove:

From: Chief Marshal

Hello all,

It has come to the time of year where we are asking for support for the Phoenix Stages Rally on Sunday 1st August from radio and marshal crews.

This year’s event will be different to the two previous ‘covid secure’ events that we ran at Fulbeck in October 2020 and May 2021.

Whilst we still do not know the full extent of restrictions being eased, I can confirm that the event will have 8 stages, back to 30 second starts and there will be some significant changes to the stage layouts throughout the day.

Some of you have already offered support for the event, but we appreciate circumstances may have changed since you kindly volunteered, so if you could let us know by return of this email if you intend to still come, that would be great.

We are hoping that we won’t need to limit staffing numbers as we had to at the previous event, but if the government and MSUK regulations require us to put in more stricter measures to limit numbers we will have to allocate people in receipt order (but really hoping this won’t be necessary this time round!)

If you are available to marshal or to be a radio crew on the day please let us know – names, MSUK numbers and call signs for radio crews please.

It has certainly been a challenging year, but hopefully events are starting to pop up more frequently and we really do appreciate your support.

Any questions – just ask!

Kind Regards
Simon and Kathy
Simon Rolph and Kathy Woodward
Chief Marshals
Eastwood and District Motor Club