Vale of York Stages – Melbourne – 12 September 2021

From John Newlove:

Please see email (below) from Richard Elms chief marshal for the Vale of York stages on Melbourne in September..

I know it is a little early to commit fully to the date but please let me know if you think you would be available.



It’s that time again, I’m recruiting for the Vale of York Stages again. We are back at Melbourne Airfield. It has changed a lot since many of you were last there with us in 2019.

Having missed a year due to the dreadful issues globally we are able to return to some sort of motorsport ‘fix’ to keep us petrolhead sane. It could even be an opportunity to get a bit of fresh air and, dare I say it, peace and quiet after being cooped up in the house for many months.

As you might have already found out the world has changed and we have to do things in a different way. At the time of writing we still do not know how things will pan out as regards social distancing so all documentation will be dealt with electronically. Additionally there will be no opportunity to just turn up on the day, we will send out all documentation. Signing on will be done electronically. Entry arrangements will be settled upon in due course.

Also we will allocate locations beforehand so if anyone has a preference please let me know. I cannot guarantee to honour any request since I may well receive multiple requests for the same post, another reason to reply early!

In case you are wondering there will be a marshals draw and we hope, COVID restrictions permitting, to have catering on site as well. We won’t be able to camp overnight on the venue however.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Any questions please ask.

Richard Elms