Lombard Rally Show – Bowling Park, Bradford – 28 August 2021

From John Newlove:

Just got this from Ted, bit short notice.  some of us busy on Sunday on Leconfield anyway.


From: Ted and Pat <tedandpat@tedandpat2.plus.com>
Sent: 26 August 2021 13:39
To: tedandpat@tedandpat2.plus.com
Subject: Lombard Rally Show.


This rescheduled event is this Saturday, 28th, in Bowling Park, Bradford, and is now running with, (so they say) a permit, and Steve Smith as C/C.
They would like some more marshals to assist from about 08:30, entry on Bowling Hall Rd, that’s not far from the top of the M606.

It does sound like a good day out, so have a look at :-   https://whatson.bradford.gov.uk/lombard-rally-festival-bradford/

If you could help out for a few hours, then please just turn up on Saturday.  I am sorry this is such short notice, but I only heard about it yesterday, and with two rallies also this weekend, they are going to be short.


If you need me urgently please ring the mobile as I do not live on my computer. Thanks.