Motorsport UK annual training

From John Newlove:

Thought this might be of interest. We usually do our training through ANCC but not heard anything from them, as the club is a member of EMAMC it is open to our members


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Subject: Motorsport UK Annual training.
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2021 15:29:11 -0000
From: Karen Spencer

Firstly, a very Happy New Year we hope to see Motorsport filling our calendars very soon.

As has become usual we will be holding Motorsport training 30th & 31st January, unfortunately it will be by Zoom this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, however our trainers have been working hard to make sure the training programs we have are interesting and informative, its free to log on and join in.

This year we are delivering four courses to give you the best opportunity to learn within your own home, with breaks factored in for convenience and of course we will be able to answer any questions on the day as usual.

We are offering the following courses.

  1. New to Motorsport Marshalling course this is a full day (09:30 > 15:30) and is for marshals moving from accredited status to marshal, it covers all the basics needed to marshal and gives a fantastic grounding to anyone new to marshalling.
  2. Timing for marshals, this course covers the new timing process with beams and lights, how competitors deal with time cards and how the time control marshals now operate, this is a full day (09:30 > 15:30).
  3. Deputy stage commander / Stage safety officer, this is the steppingstone course for senior stage marshals wanting to increase their knowledge to assist stage commanders and take on senior stage roles.  The course includes, stage checking, incident report writing and many useful insights into these two very senior roles. Ideal for anyone who is aiming to reach stage commander grade, this is a full day (09:30 > 15:30).
  4. Competitor first on scene, very useful skills to take away, we will run this course 3 times during the day, please chose a time suitable for you, taking around an hour and 15 minutes. Due to Covid-19 there will be less marshals in stage and you as a competitor may be first on scene, do you know what to do? We will give you safe basic information to assist you and your fellow competitors, also we will include an overview of the new timing process as not everyone has been involved in timecard completion and time control processes yet.

Use this link to register for Saturday training :

Use this link to register for Sunday training :

The training programs will be repeated over two days giving you the opportunity to choose a day/time to suit you, new to radio has not been included as there are no new radio registered in 2020 and we aim for more practical training mid-year.

To assist training, we are planning mid-year practical training when hopefully we are again meet up and motorsport has resumed and put our skills into practice.

Kind regards

Karen Spencer
EMAMC  Marshal training officer & Press Officer
Tel 07714 122194

Katy Mashiter
ANWCC Marshal training officer
Tel 07736 346836

David James
EMAMC Secretary