2022 Rex Pet Hotel Flying Fortress Stages – Sunday 12th June 2022

From John Newlove:

Sorry , yet another request for marshals


From: Jon Leckenby <jonleckenby@aol.com>
Sent: 05 May 2022 21:21
To: Jon Leckenby <jonleckenby@aol.com>
Subject: Marshals Please! – 2022 Rex Pet Hotel Flying Fortress Stages – Sunday 12th June

The 2022 Rex Pet Hotel Flying Fortress Stages is running on Sunday 12th June 2022.

Once again, the event is based at its unique venue, the former WW2 American 8th Air Force Base at Grafton Underwood (near Kettering in Northamptonshire) on the private estate of Boughton House.

This estate has very limited public access, spectators will not be permitted, and we are using some newly-discovered bits of the old airfield to keep the crews on their toes!

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Kielder Forest Rally – 18 June 2022

From John Newlove:

Please see request from Tony, replies direct to him please

From: The Best Looking Stage Commander <fasttony28@gmail.com>
Sent: 17 April 2022 10:57
Subject: Kielder Forest Rally

Kielder Forest Rally, Saturday 18th June.

I’ve been asked to run the Bewshaugh stage on this years Kielder Forest Rally on Saturday 18th June.

I need help in lots of ways, but especially with timing, in stage-marshals and radio marshals.

The stage is just over 8 miles long with 18+ locations to cover. The entrance is just North of Kielder village and will be run twice as stages 2 + 5 with first car times of 10:25 and 15:12. Signing on will be sometime around 07:30 – 08:00 and we’re expecting the sweeper car around 17:00. We’ll supply you with the usual crisps, chocolate and water plus whatever the event organisers come up with.

If you can help please get in touch via phone call or text message on 07792375371 or email me on fasttony28@gmail.com and let me know what role you fancy and roughly how many of you there will be. The event is also using a tracking system similar to rallitrak so if anybody would to have a go on a radio that hasn’t done so before let me know, full instructions will be given.

Any questions please ask.

Tony Jones

Kielder Forest Rally – 18 June 2022

From John Newlove:

If you want to help please contact Nev.

From: Kielder Forest Rally <marshal@kielderforestrally.co.uk>
Sent: 08 April 2022 18:30
Subject: Kielder Forest Rally – Request for Marshals

Dear all

The 2022 Kielder Forest Rally will take place in Kielder on Saturday 18th June 2022.

This inaugural event will take place at the third attempt due to Covid, with the base in Hexham with the HQ at the Auction Mart and the competitive stages in the Kielder Complex around the reservoir.

There are three stage venues that will be run twice. We need marshals of all disciplines, timing marshals (Arrival, Start, Flying Finish & Stop, along with passage control), radio operators (Start, Stop & In-stage) and in-stage marshals. There is also the opportunity to marshal at the ceremonial start and also the refuel area. Continue reading “Kielder Forest Rally – 18 June 2022”

White Rose Classic Rally – 8 May 2022

From John Newlove:

Please see details of The White Rose Classic, with regard to marshaling Ian Sadofsky will contact them regarding marshals. If you are available please contact Ian. iansadofsky@gmail.com


Malton Motor Club and Beverley & District Motor Club

Motorsport UK Affiliated

Member of A.N.C.C., A.N.E.C.C.C., A.N.E.M.M.C., and E.M.A.M.C

Your invitation, for your members to compete in the White Rose Classic Rally 2022.

On Sunday 8th May 2022, Malton Motor Club and Beverley & District motor Club is holding a Historic Car Rally for eligible classic and vintage cars.

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MARSHALS PLEASE!! – Leconfield, Sunday 1st May 2022

From John Newlove:

Some of you will have seen the email below.

It was a good event last year , I will try and put a team of marshals together if you let me know if you are available.


Subject: MARSHALS PLEASE!! – Leconfield, Sunday 1st May

Good morning all.

Sheffield & Hallamshire MC are running not one, but two events at DST Leconfield  (HU17 7LX) this year – Sunday 1st May and Sunday 28th August.

I’ve been asked to be the Chief Marshal for the Sunday 1st May event, so I’d love to see your smiling face on that day!

(There’s another event at Fulbeck on the same day, but obviously I’d far rather you came marshalling at Leconfield – just a personal opinion, of course!)

If you were at the Leconfield event last year, you’ll know what a great venue it is – fast smooth tarmac, and some unusual features – and if you didn’t, why not come and find out??

We’re getting great co-operation from the MoD staff there, and with the (hopefully!) relaxed Covid regulations, the 2022 event should be even better!

Further event details will follow, but initially, could you please email me back and confirm whether or not you will be available and willing to help marshal there on 1st May?

Kind regards

Jon Leckenby
Chief Marshal
Leconfield Rally