Lombard Rally Newcastle – 3 July 2021

From Robert Newlove, forwarding on an email from Colin Salkeld (ANECCC Chairman)

Lombard Rally Newcastle


Following the allocation of permit (no. 121448) by Motorsport UK, the organisers are now able to release more information concerning the above event.

The event is based at Tughall Airfield (also known as Brunton) and is a stage rally demonstration day consisting of 6 stages each approximately 3.7 miles long. The stages are predominantly tarmac, with only one short section of about 400 metres of broken tar and gravel. There will be NO timing of the stages.

The cars eligible for the event are likely to be those reminiscent of the cars that would do the original Lombard RAC Rally and the whole event is trying to recreate the atmosphere that would have been present in those times, so you might expect to see Minis, Anglias, Cortinas, Escorts, Avengers, Imps, Mantas, etc.

The first car is due to start at 9.30 a.m. with cars then starting at 30 second intervals. There is a maximum entry of 75 cars.

The stages are set out in exactly the same way as a full stage rally would be, and with all appropriate marshals, medics,  rescue and recovery units in place. There are dedicated spectator areas which will be closely monitored and controlled.

All the usual facilities available at a single venue stage rally are going to be present, e.g. toilets, caterers, service areas, etc.

Those looking to enter should contact Tim Nash for regulations and entry in the first instance at:

Anyone looking to marshal should contact the chief marshal, Darren Smith at:
darren1979smith@gmail.com or  07834 989456

Event regulations have been Issued as a Special Stage Demonstration Event and named as Lombard Rally Festival Newcastle

Best Wishes
Colin Salkeld